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How to look after & maintain your vivid, bright or pastel coloured hair.

Updated: Feb 27

1. Healthy hair = longer lasting colour.

Vivid colours can last anywhere from 1 wash to 10+ washes, this is different for everyone & every colour.

2. Wait at least 72 hours before you wash your new colour.

3. To keep your colour bright and vibrant, we recommend you only wash your hair once a week in cool water with a gentle massage and mainly at the roots (no vigorous scrubbing).

4. It is your choice to use a non-salon shampoo, but this may pull the colour from your hair a lot more. This means you don’t necessarily have to use a colour conditioner, you could change this to a hydration, repair, smoothing or volume etc range depending on what your hair needs.

5. Using a salon professional shampoo and conditioner range is highly recommended, here are a few of 'The Little Hair Studio' favourites that we recommend:

Affinage Re- Energise Shampoo + Conditioner

Olaplex Bond Maintenances No. 4 Shampoo + No.5 Conditioner

Color WoW Shampoo + Conditioner

6. Your colour will fade with washing. Many of The Little Hair Studio clients & staff only wash their hair once a week. You will find your hair gets used to that extra day of not washing it, in fact, it is really good for the head/hair to build it’s natural oils.

7. Damaged and porous hair struggles to hold onto colour. For this reason, the healthier the hair, the longer the colour lasts! We strongly recommend using Olaplex (bond builder) every time you have a colour appointment with us. You can find out more about it by just asking your stylist. This will strengthen the cortex (inside) of the hair. You will also need to smooth the cuticle structure (the outside) of the hair, this can be done with deep conditioning treatments.

8. Remember, your vivid colours are sat on top of bleached hair - so look after it. You must follow the aftercare advice on ‘Blonde Hair Aftercare’ blog to prevent any damage after your appointment, this can be found at this will talk you through important products to be using as well as explaining the dos/dont’s to help keep your new blonde hair healthy.

9. Chlorine will pull the colour from your hair, so if you are a keen swimmer or planning a holiday we would strongly advise against any vivid colour service.

10. Any heated appliance can fade your hair colour instantly/right before your eyes. Try to use them as little as possible and keep the temperature to 180 degrees or below. Don’t forget to use your heat protection!!

11. Topping up your vivid hair colour at home with any direct dye will not damage your hair at all! Think of it as a conditioning food colouring that will revive your hair by giving it a glossy and smooth finish. The only thing you have to be careful of is not getting it up the bathroom walls and floor!

12. Add a dollop of your direct dye to your conditioner or deep conditioning mask and apply to your hair. Leave it on your hair for as long as you want and this will give you a cheeky refresh every time you wash your hair until your next professional appointment.

TOP TIP- make sure you still wear gloves or you will have very brightly coloured hands.

We offer take home colour top up pots, these are available at £7.00 each or 2 for £11.00

(These will be personalised to your desired colour by your stylist)

13. If you are wanting to fade your colour out as much as possible before your next appointment, then we would recommend you;

*Wash your hair with warm water.

*Use Head & Shoulders, Washing up Liquid or any clarifying shampoo.

**Please note that these products are very drying therefore, make sure you use a deep conditioner after.

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