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Blonde Hair After Care

1, Your roots will need to be done every 3-6 weeks for scalp Bleach. This is important as the natural regrowth will be the perfect size to avoid overlap and any yellow banding.

2. Blonde Highlights will need 8 - 10 weeks

3. Blonde Balayage will need 10-12 weeks

4. Olaplex during your colour appointments is a must & highly recommended.

5. Wash your hair as little as possible to ensure your natural oils moisturize your hair. Dry shampoo should be your best friend- any high street brand will do!

6. Your regular shampoo and conditioner should be from a premium salon brand. Any hydrating or repair range would be well suited.

We recommend:

* Olaplex No.4 Shampoo & Olaplex No.5 Conditioner - £26 Each

* Re-Engergise Shampoo & Conditioner - £7.30 Each

* Moisture Boost Shampoo & Conditioner £7.30 Each

All our shampoo and conditioners are sulphate free, paraffin free and 100% vegan.

7. To maintain a clean/ash/silver blonde, use a Blue/Purple shampoo 1-2 times a week.

Great tips to remember are:

* Don’t use it every time you wash your hair, as the pigment can be quite drying.

* Although it comes out bright blue/violet don’t be afraid of how long you leave it on for. We recommend 3-10 minutes, depending on how much ash you would like to deposit


* Use a hydrating or repair deep conditioning mask after using the Blue/purple shampoo.

If your hair sucks up any of the blue/Purple pigment due to the porosity don’t panic. The next time you wash your hair just use your regular shampoo and it will come Straight out.

* Please note that Blue/Purple shampoos only tones out the brassy/yellow/Orange tones in your hair. It doesn’t NOT make it any lighter. If the hair is yellow at the root and really light on the ends, then Blue/Purple shampoo may create more of a contrast between your roots and ends .

6. The best Blue/Purple shampoos we love and recommend are:

* ASP Anti-Orange Rescue Kit (shampoo, conditioner & hair mask) - £22.99

* ASP Anti-yellow Rescue Kit (shampoo, conditioner & hair mask) - £22.99

7. Strictly only use a Tangle Teaser/Wet Brush when combing wet or dry hair. The plastic bristles detangle with minimum fuss, breakage and damage leaving hair smooth, soft and shiny.

* Wet brush - £8

8. Ensure to use a leave-in treatment after EVERY TIME you have finished washing your hair. It is so important as coloured hair needs extra hydration!

Our favourites are:

* Asp Mode Miracle Mist - £11.30

* Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother - £26

* Kitoko Active Restructurant - £12.70

9. As much as we all love them, avoid using straighteners and curling irons as much as possible. When you do use any heated tools make sure you use a salon professional heat protection spray. Make sure it is 100% distributed and dry before heat is applied.

We recommend:

* ASP Mode Heat Shield - £12.50

* Asp Mode Miracle Mist - £11.30

10. Treat yourself every now and then to a deep conditioning mask.

Our favourites are:

* Olaplex No-0 & No.3 - £26 Each

* Osmo Deep Repair mask - £9.99

11. If you are going on holiday you need to be extra careful with your hair being exposed to sunlight and chlorine. We recommend wearing a hat where possible.

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