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Booking & Cancellation Policy

Updated: Jan 3

On booking an appointment all new clients and clients with a history of no-shows will be required to confirm your appointment via card capture, this will send you a text/email with a link that you simply need confirm. If you do not have a bank card you can arrange to call into the salon and leave a cash deposit. Ethier method needs to be done within 48 hours of making an appointment, failure to do so will result in your appointment automatically being cancelled.

When booking an online appointment through our online booking system (Fresha) you will be required to enter a card capture details and agree to our booking policy before the appointment is confirmed.

(Please note that a 30% late cancellation fee will be charged if the appointment is cancelled within 48hrs of the appointment date and a 50% fee will be charged for a no-show.)

All booking fees must be paid before we book any future appointments.

If you ring up within 48hrs of your appointment to rearrange we will cancel the appointment and apply the above fees (as a late cancellation) and only then will we rebook your appointment in accordance with our booking and cancellation policy.

Covid & Isolationing

We will refund any late cancellation fees due to any one having to isolate because of Covid, but we require proof in the form of a screenshot of the isolation message, copy of positive PCR result. This can be sent to us via Facebook Messenger, Email, Instagram, Google Messages or via our website contact page.

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